The Case Tool Antilogy

Applications in the domain "Computer Aided Software Engeneering" (CASE) should have by definition a highest grade of automation. In practice, things are different. Many teams (especialy open-source) fail to produce highly convenient and automated tools.

A Tool Update Scenario

An update mechanism to extend the basic installation.

The End Game Laziness

  • After some time frame, a difficult coding task is solved.
    • The major challenge is mastered
    • Allready focusing on the next major challenge
    • Low willingness to procude convenience code
  • CASE tool users are smart
    • They can make many things themselves
    • They can follow complicated instructions
      • The developer writes instructions to to a text file.
        • goto x, download y, backup z, ...

The Update in the Field

  • thousands of users [software developers] apply this steps
    • loosing worthfull time
    • 30 users fail and contact the support
      • The programmer invests time
        • Processing Issue Tracking System Entries
        • Direct assistance in critical cases
        • Discussion within forums

System Evolution Feedback


  • Complaining manager
    • "Reduce support effort, protect our programmers time"
    • => Implement update mechanism to save costs
  • Complaining users
    • "I pay for the "A" in "CASE", please provide automations" *=> Implement update mechanism to satisfy user needs

open source system

  • Complaining users
    • "Other modern tools have an update mechanism"
    • Answer: "It's free, so do some plumbing yourself

Important to Realize

  • Computer Aided Software Engineering
    • The Convenience Challenge